Caxton Rhode Postcards. Good Luck Candle.
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Digital Postcards:
Good Luck Candle


Designed to help you say Thanks, Good Luck or Happy Birthday in person. Our premium quality postcards bring greetings to life.

Simply download a template as either a Keynote or a Canva file. Personalise the reverse by adding a video or text-based message. Save your 4K movie creations and then send to recipients as many times as you like.

Key details

This postcard features an animated design.
You will receive a PDF upon purchase containing a link to this template, as well as instructions on how to edit the file.
Files can be downloaded immediately.
There are no limits on the frequency of use.
Keynote templates require the Keynote app.
Canva templates require the Canva app, and a (FREE) user account is required.
Both the Keynote and Canva templates share the same assets.
Files are stored on a wind-powered host.
(According to their websites) Canva’s Australian operations and Apple’s (Keynote) data centres are powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

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