Caxton Rhode. Tattoo Deckchairs. Swallow.
Exact colours and print coverage may vary from the images shown.
Tattoo Deckchairs: Swallow

£140 (Excl. delivery)

However! Reprints can be arranged.
Please contact the studio to arrange.

These four deckchairs were originally created as part of an extremely limited edition. They are now made to order only.

Built from a sustainably sourced, oil-treated teak frame, these deckchairs are built to last. Each design is printed on to a dye-sublimated, 500g Artists Canvas sling. Ensuring weather resistance and colour-lasting strength.

Key details

These are collectors pieces!

Standard deckchair dimensions:
Width: 60 cms.
Height: 105 cms.
Depth: 102 cms.
Seat height: 43 cms.
Made in the UK

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