Caxton Rhode. Print It Yourself. 2020 Visions Print.
A single colour set of commemorative stamps, charting key events across all tweleve months of 2020.
The colour & quality of your print will depend on the capabilities of your printer.
Print It Yourself
2020 Visions Print


We are constantly looking for ways to reduce the environmental impacts of our designs. Both digitally and physically.

So, we have reimagined our 2020 Visions poster as a striking single-colour artwork, suitable for printing at home. It’s available in four colourways (charcoal, red, blue and green) and designed to look great on any household stock.

A little about the design.

It’s safe to say that 2020 was a deeply challenging year. This set of commemorative stamps aims to capture the highs and the lows, the triumphs and the struggles.

Some technical stuff.

Your print is supplied as an A3 PDF.
Files can be downloaded immediately and are yours to print, frame and enjoy.
Each file generates approximately 1.8g CO2. (Not perfect, but much better than the emissions generated through print production and delivery.)

September shows an apple with the motif Teachers Rule mounted on a fruit sticker.
Close-up detail of September.
Four of month motifs rendered in the four available colours
The design is available in red, green, charcoal & blue.
This image shows the green coloured design mounted in a black frame.
Example of the design in green mounted in a black aluminium frame.
This image shows the blue coloured design mounted in a black frame.
Example of the design in blue mounted in a black aluminium frame.
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