Caxton Rhode Mission.
Caxton Rhode is a responsible digital design studio founded by icon and pictographic designer, Rob Bartlett.
Our mission is a simple one. To design in a way that’s responsible and respectful to both the Planet and the people on it.
All of the products we create hit the highest possible environmental and ethical standards. That's true of this website too. Because in terms of CO2 emissions, digital is up there with the heaviest polluting of them all.

We’ve ditched the big glossy images, and video content. We’ve cut the amount of text we’re using and only serve up the essential information you need. We’ve stopped using analytics, host our own fonts and now only use Javascript to power our secure Shopify store.

Most importantly, this website is housed on a wind-powered host and our studio runs on Eco Energy.

The result is a fast, lean, clean and green website experience, emitting 80% less emissions than all of the other websites online. Check out to see how you rank.

Finally, as part of our ongoing commitments to being #GoodWithDesign, here are some of our other pledges:

To operate as an ultra-low carbon-emitting business
To design with equality and inclusivity front-of-mind
To seek out and work with like-minded suppliers
To donate a percentage of revenue to charity
To champion positivity and social progress
To proactively take a stand against prejudice & hate
Thank you for your custom and support.
All the best, Rob.